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Afraid of losing a tech at a training event?

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When I ran a Ford body shop and the paint reps wanted to put on a new paint product show they would offfer any shop in the given area to send their painters to my shop for the show. It was always held after hours during the week. They got to see first hand how that new product would help the shops make money. Problem was my shop was equipt with the best of equipment, supplies well run and clean. The other smaller shops didn't or would not upgrade to our level, so sending one of their painters into our shop was the kiss of death. They were really afraid I was going to take one or more to work with us, or the employee would go back to where they worked and complain that they didn't have the best of equipment to do the job. Attendance to the seminars was spotty, even though the paint company put out a really nice meal and gave all kinds of free items to the folks who came.

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