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waste oil heater

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We use Cleanburns in both of our shops. Never tried any others, so I can't compare. They have been fairly reliable, which is actually high praise when you consider the junk that runs through them. Simple enough that my techs can troubleshoot problems and fix it in an emergency, but I have the vendor come do a service annually.

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We use a LanAir oil burner. We've had it for about 6 years and have had very little trouble with it. You do have to service them about once a year. As you can imagine, burning used motor oil leaves a lot of deposits in the burner housing. We've found that transmission fluid burns best, so we try to empty our trans flush machine into the oil burner.

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Shenandoah, or Firelake, now. I've ran Clean Burns, and although they work fine, they always seemed to be high maintenance. I clean out my Shenandoah once a year and spray the inside down with wd-40 or equivalent. Clean the tip every now and then when it wants to plug and keep the pickup pipe at least 6 inches off the bottom of the barrel will help greatly. My current Shenandoah is right around 20 years old.


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