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Sell your car with CarBrain

Sell your car with CarBrain

Sell your car with CarBrain

Thanks for the welcome. I kind of took a different direction getting here than most. 22 yrs as an industrial electrician. Tired of running all over the country, I started as mobile bedliner business. Started doing small accessories for the Dealerships as well. Side bars, reciever hitches, chrome door handles, grills, etc... An unusually wet winter forced me in to a small shop. With a little room I started doing hobby stuff. Jeep and off road stuff. Lift kits, lockers, gear swaps, Roll cages. Bumper builds. and other custom fab work. Things were good till the economy tanked. I new that people do not need these things but do need repairs and service. So I bought a scanner and other equipment. Landed an account with Border patrol that was a good run for a couple of years. When the government started cutting back there was no profit in it anymore. 4 shops & the dealers cutting each others throats for the work so I let it go. Glad I did. 2 went under and the others are struggling. Now I find myself in a very competitive market. Hoping to find a leg up here since I have not been a formally trained mechanic working in any shop other than my own.

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