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Hello from the U.P. of Michigan!

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Hello everyone. 2 years ago I opened a brake repair shop at my home and became The Brake Doctor. I have property that allowed me to do this and a large very nice shop with lift and all the toys. After 2 years it was time to move to a better commercial location so I rented a shop on the highway, renovated it and opened just 2 months ago.


I should mention I've been a general contractor for 25 years and while it's been a good business, I simply got tired of the headaches. My first love was always wrenching and I worked in a shop prior to contracting, not to mention all those years drag racing, building cars and engines, complete restorations, etc.


In addition to moving my brake shop I also opened U.P. Trailer and Hitch. The building I moved into was previously a trailer repair and hitch shop but the owner moved away roughly 4 years ago and nobody picked up the trailer work. I've been doing more trailer work and hitch installs than brake work, although I would rather do brakes. So far it's just me working the shop and my schedule is about half full. As we move out of this bitter cold winter I see that changing and most likely hiring help this spring. So anyways I'm here to learn and improve my business and hopefully make a few friends. :)



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