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Maybe it's the virtue of the fact that the people that needed it, didn't qualify. I had GE Capital, and had about 15 declines, and then stopped bothering... had the program for 6 months too, and kept paying the monthly fee.



I was considering the check guarantee program, although the rates were a little bit high, and most also wanted to become the credit card processor, on top of leasing their $1500-$3000 check machine.


So it didn't happen, although I even have good customers asking if we finance so they can just do all the work right now, so I am still on the lookout for good solutions.

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The article also covered a woman I think who was using some form of credit card from a 3rd party (I'm assuming that's what you were referring to in your original post). I did like the fact that the cards allowed you to put your business logo on them!


Yes, the guy doing it in house is probably making a good bit of extra money charging 10%. Remember, I think he had them pay half up front, then financed the remainder... That should be covering your parts I would think, so essentially you're not taking money our of your own pocket (just labor at that point, which is free if you're the one doing the work). I don't recall that article mentioning what company he used to see if the person had ever written bad checks before though.


A strict diet of hot pockets, hungry man tv dinners, and no sodas will help line those pockets with some extra money... Only speaking from experience ;)

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Yes, the guy doing it in house is probably making a good bit of extra money charging 10%. Remember, I think he had them pay half up front, then financed the remainder...


Good gracious ... I cannot imagine running an in-house credit card. Tracking down the no-payers has A&E reality show written all over it.

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Wes, in short, the guy would present a customer with a $1000 estimate. To qualify for his credit program, he would require half down ($500), then take 3 checks from the person that day. All the checks would be dated 1 month apart, all amounts being 1/3 of the remaining balance = $200 each. Thus the $500 down + $600 in checks = $1100. Before he would take the checks, he would simply need the customers full name, a pay stub, and one other piece of information (I can't recall), and he was able to see if they had ever written any bad checks in the past or had overdrawn bank accounts. Once he had a current pay stub and saw that they had never written a bad check, he would take the 50% down and 3 checks and perform the repair... Key word here is 'HE'. It's all up to him! If he didn't feel like he was going to get his money, he doesn't have to bother.

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I use a company called EPS90 that basically does the same as the in-house financing that mmotley is describing but I get paid whether the checks bounce or not.(In theory) Of course I have yet to find anyone that wants to pay 10% more than their repair to finance for 90 days so I haven't personally seen it work but the concept and presentation was promising. Luckily I have found that most of my customers either want to pay cash or with their own cards and I have a great processing company that leaves my legs attached and only takes my right arm for a fee. I can put you in touch with the company if you are interested. They were based in Colorado if I remember correctly.

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I used to be on the Board of directors of a small credit union while I owned a shop. The credit union had too much money and needed a way to find new borrowing customers. We ended up doing exactly what is being discussed here, we approached small business that could use our services, loans. The shop customer in need of money to fix a big repair in that shop could contact us and come in for a loan. We had staff that could evaluate the persons credit history and within 1 hour approve or deny the loan. It helped the credit union gain customers and helped the shops we had signed up as approved shops. Over the years we did this, I suspect we loaned many thousands of dollars and also gain many new customers we never would have got. That credit union was taken over by a big credit union and I lost my seat on the board, so have no idea if it is still doing anything like that or not. It would cost zero to the shop to have this system in place with a local close by credit union. Might be worth a try.

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  • Have you checked out Joe's Latest Blog?

      Most shop owners would agree that the independent auto repair industry has been too cheap for too long regarding its pricing and labor rates. However, can we keep raising our labor rates and prices until we achieve the profit we desire and need? Is it that simple?
      The first step in achieving your required gross and net profit is understanding your numbers and establishing the correct labor and part margins. The next step is to find your business's inefficiencies that impact high production levels.
      Here are a few things to consider. First, do you have the workflow processes in place that is conducive to high production? What about your shop layout? Do you have all the right tools and equipment? Do you have a continuous training program in place? Are technicians waiting to use a particular scanner or waiting to access information from the shop's workstation computer?
      And lastly, are all the estimates written correctly? Is the labor correct for each job? Are you allowing extra time for rust, older vehicles, labor jobs with no parts included, and the fact that many published labor times are wrong? Let's not forget that perhaps the most significant labor loss is not charging enough labor time for testing, electrical work, and other complicated repairs.  
      Once you have determined the correct labor rate and pricing, review your entire operation. Then, tighten up on all those labor leaks and inefficiencies. Improving production and paying close attention to the labor on each job will add much-needed dollars to your bottom line.
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      California Employer’s Services. OSHA & Labor Law Experts. Dave's previous episodes HERE
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      OSHA - will now interview your employees while inspecting your job site Ignorance is not an excuse anymore OSHA has determined that they want safety in the workplace. Compliance is like a picture painted by numbers. The more numbers you have filled in, the better off you're gonna be. OSHA is looking for, among others is your safety program, safety training, documentation, workers' compensation You've got 72 hours to a week at the most to get it back to them with your reply.  After they get your reply, they're gonna review it, and then they're gonna assess the fines and fine you accordingly. No matter what state you do business in, you must meet the basic OSHA standards. Every year, you must have your lifts certified/inspected. You can certify them yourself if you installed them. The company that sold them can certify them. But if you install them, the state feels you have the wherewithal to inspect them and certify them. Be careful. There is no easy button for safety or HR compliance. The one thing you do have to be aware of is that if you name a safety officer in your business, they're gonna be tied into any potential lawsuit that arises out of a safety act or an accident in the workplace. OSHA knows that we, as a group of consultants, have more authority and more power over employers than they do When a company has paid money for a safety consultant, they know that the shop has an accountability partner, If you're gonna get with an HR services company, make sure they're working with actual attorneys. Make sure that these attorneys are gonna be there for your clients. You can have a perfectly legal employee handbook that covers the policies adequately. But you may not be able to take that employee handbook into court because when you go to court, there are certain things that the judge is gonna look at to make sure is in certain places of your employee handbook. If it's not in those places, you're gonna have two strikes against you in the eyes of the judge before you even start One is your at-will status between page one and page three Number two is your sexual harassment policy. Is it between pages three and page five?  Does your sexual harassment policy include bullying in the workplace and all the other things that have now been dovetailed into that policy? You need to understand your policy and how a termination, not done correctly, can hurt a suit from a former employee. This three strikes you're out is a joke. There is no effort to rehabilitate the employee in most companies. Some companies are very progressive, and that's a good thing. Create a very positive workplace culture.  Compliance is always cheaper than the fines and the hassle Link to handout David spoke about: HERE.
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    • By Transmission Repair

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    • By Joe Marconi
      For the first time in a VERY LONG time, I see a lot of positive news with regard to labor rates.  More and more shop owners and managers are crunching their numbers and increasing their labor rates to better ensure their companies achieves a profit and also to be able to pay their employees what they deserve. 
      Profit is needed in order to build for the future and to be able to attract quality people. 
      I really think that this is perhaps the best time in our recent history to revisit your labor rates and bottom line and adjust your rates accordingly.  
      Have you adjusted your labor rates recently, or plan on it? 

  • By nptrb, in Automotive Industry,

    By nptrb, in Automotive Industry,

    By nptrb, in Automotive Industry,

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