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    • By Junior
      There is a software package called Complete Auto Reports (CAR), based in NJ. Wondering if anyone is using this software or demoed it? I reached out to them a few months ago to see the software, had a very poor interaction with the representative I dealt with. I still haven't found the software that works best for me so I'm still evaluating packages. I'm thinking about reaching out again and hope my experience was just a bad apple and not representative to the company as a whole. Wondering if anyone else here has any experience with them
      website : https://www.completeautoreports.com/
    • By Joe Marconi
      The other day, one of my service advisors, Kristina, was speaking to a customer about worn control arm bushings on her Honda. The customer was in the waiting room, sitting and reading a magazine, while her car was being serviced along with a New York State annual safety inspection.

      Kristina got half way through her explanation of the control arm bushings when the customer said, "Stop right there." She then opened up the magazine she was reading (a copy of March 2016 Issue Consumer Report), which was in our pile of magazines and said, "Look here, Honda control arm bushings are among the 5 Sneaky Mechanic Scams!" Kristina did not make the sale and Thank You Consumer Reports, a motorist is now driving a car with worn lower control arm bushings; a potentially unsafe condition.

      The Consumer reports article was written by a so-called expert, and is slanted against the repair shop. No surprise there, we are easy targets. I don't know how that magazine got into my waiting area, but I will pay more attention to the magazines I offer to my customers.

      I will also voice my opinion to Consumer Report Magazine and urge everyone to voice their opinions too.

      PLEASE NOTE: I checked online and the March 2016 Issue is not on the web yet.
    • By Joe Marconi
      Google has data that many consider should be released to the public, particularly any accidents or situations that put people in harm's way. In addition, Google plans to build a car without a steering wheel, brake pedal or accelerator pedal. Is this technology gone too far?
      The collision industry needs to pay attention to this technology of driverless cars.
      Here's a link that is worth reading about Google and Consumer Watchdogs asking Google to release certain information. The article appeared in Aftermarket News (AMN)
    • By Joe Marconi
      A report by Consumer Reports found that in general, consumers are more satisfied with independent auto repair shops, then franchise dealerships. This is a feather in our caps.
      Here is a link to the article in Ratchet + Wrench:
    • By Joe Marconi
      AutoZone continues to show that it is a major player in the auto parts business. With many independents experiencing a roller coaster ride with regard to sales, part companies appear to be doing ok. Below is a link in Aftermarket Magazine.
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