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Joe Marconi

IATN and Identifix hurt Diagnostic skills?

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I had lunch the other day with a fellow shop owner. Like me, he’s been in the auto industry for decades. Everything we needed to know back then was contained in one manual. Any diagnostic skills were learned and remembered as needed, from memory.


When computers came about in the early 80s we all learned about trouble charts, pin point diagnostics, lab scopes, multi meters and following a logical approach to solving problems.


My friend asked me if having the resources as we do today, like IATN and Identifix hurt our diagnostic skills. It’s no secret that many problems that would have taken hours to solve are now revealed to us with a few strokes of a key board. But I don’t think you can compare today’s sophistication with technology from 30 years ago. It is different today, but I don’t think IATN or Identifix can take the place of a skilled technician. I do think having these online resources greatly helps us.


For me, I think that IATN and Identifix are worth every penny.


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