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Effective waste processing is a vital part of our industry. We recycle, resell or reuse almost everything that comes out of our shop. Waste tires is one item that we haven't found a good way to process. We have taken a new approach to tire sales in the last year and signed with Yokohama as a dealer, new pricing allows us to be competitive with discounters and still make money, which has seen our tires sales nearly double, hence a lot more scraps to process. Currently one of our major tire supplies will take a scrap tire for every new tire delivered. So will another supplier that we use infrequently. Our largest supplies does not and we end up with large amounts of tires that we need to pay in order to dispose of. I know there is a large market for tire scrap and good tire carcasses, we have been unable to find a buyer in our area. There is a local used tire guy that will buy our reusable tires, but that is a very small amount of what we produce.
So who will buy scrap tires in/near the Hudson Valley, roughly 100 tires per load, before we run out of room.

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