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Joe Marconi

Automotive Management Training

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The other day one of my service advisors dropped a car off at the local dealer for a recall. We were doing some routine work for the customer and she told us about the recall, but said she had no time to take it to the dealer. So Mike, offered to take it to the dealer for her.


When Mike returned I asked him how the experience was. He said, “Not that good”. He went on to say that that the service advisor never made eye contact, appeared uninterested and spoke in a monotone voice. My first reaction was, “Wow, great news for us”. But then it got me wondering how many independent shops around the country are delivering customer service?


Everyone who has contact with the customer must be trained in the art of Customer Service. And constant training, just like on-going technical training is crucial. Another thing: Be careful who you put on the service counter. I have made a few big mistakes in the past by hiring the wrong people, which cost me dearly!


The Automotive Management Institute (AMI) has great courses in management and customer service, and of course Elite (the company I am affiliated with as a business coach/consultant) also has great resources.


What about other shops, where do you get training, what training have you done and how do you hire service personnel?




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