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Why Eliminate Vehicle Safety Inspections?

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MI doesnt if they did a good percentage of the vehicles would be off the road,in Ont where my shop is located they have safety inspections every time a passenger vehicle is sold.

Taxis are every 6 months and commerical vehicles are yearly,Ont also has emission testing every 2 years and every time a vehicle is sold.



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I wish Michigan had safety inspections. It amazes me what people will consider, "Do I really have to fix that?" Or, "Can't you just gerry-rig it up?" I agree a great many would be pulled off the road. When I asked my ASA rep about it he said they had pushed the legislation many times but it kept getting turned down because, "It would hurt the poor." Funny how on this topic the politicians care about the poor, but in most other cases all they care about are the rich who will help buy their elections. But I digress. In a potentially arrogant and condescending tone, if this inspetion will hurt the poor because they don't care enough about their own lives to make sure their car is safe, do you think they care about your family's lives? Or insurance? When they plow into you because their tie rod separated or their brakes failed or they couldn't see because their wipers didn't work, who is going to compensate you for your loss? And I'm not just talking about with money either.


But I guess it's sort of like the local journalist who wrote an op-ed about texting while driving. He admitted he did it, he checked email and surfed the web frequently, until his daughter was rear ended and driven into on-coming traffic by s guy who admitted he was texting. Thank God his daughter was okay. But it took the issue hitting home to his family before he saw the value in doing what was right, but sadly not just because it was right.

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