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Joe Marconi

Why Eliminate Vehicle Safety Inspections?

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North Carolina is yet another state that is considering repealing their periodic vehicle safety inspection requirement, leaving only the emissions test. It baffles me how our elected officials think.


In New York we identify so many cars that are unsafe; some due to neglect, but many due to wear and tear, pothole damage and other conditions. Our good customers are thankful that we have recognized a potential safety issue that could put them, their families and others on the road at risk.


I think we need more public awareness and tell our elected officials that mandatory vehicle inspections are a good thing. When I was young it was common to give your car a quick “once-over” on a Saturday morning. Plus, with full service gas stations back then, the gas attendant would check under the hood, look at the tires, etc. Today, people get in and drive.


I don’t know how many states have an inspection program, but those that do need to get the word out that this is more than just a revenue stream, it’s a matter of public safety.

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