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Hello from Washington

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We started our shop 10 years ago. After major struggles the first year or two making ends meet (even though we were busy)) we took some business classes and turned it around. We look forward to learning more and interacting with other business owners.

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    • By Elon Block
      When my granddaughter, Jenna, was about four years old, we were headed to the park playground.
      And on the way, we stopped to pick up something from one of my clients.

      As soon as we walked into the showroom, she slapped her hand over her nose and loudly said,
      "Ewwww... what is that smell?"  
      It took me a couple of seconds to discover she was referring to the smell of the tires.

      Because at her height, her little nose was directly aimed at a tire display. So, I took a big whiff myself and said to her, "Jenna, that's the smell of money." She and I had a fun conversation in the car afterwards about how an auto repair "store" makes money by taking care of Mommy's and Daddy's cars. Which brings me to what took place in D.C. this past week. And how this relates to money. And you. All the industry magazines are talking about this event. Here is a link to the official report: http://www.nxtbook.com/mercury/autocare/StateOfTheIndustry_Report/ Here are some links that summarize the report: http://www.aftermarketnews.com/auto-care-association-unveils-first-ever-state-of-the-auto-care-industry-report-at-inaugural-industry-forum-in-washington-d-c/# http://www.searchautoparts.com/aftermarket-business/events-coverage-news/auto-care-forum-sheds-light-industry-legislators-regulator?page=0,0 In essence, the Auto Care Association unveiled the first-ever "State Of The Auto Care Industry Report" at an inaugural Industry Forum in Washington, D.C. This forum of people gathered together to discuss the huge impact the auto repair industry makes on the economy. I usually don't follow what happens in D.C. However, this information impacts every single auto repair business, so it obviously caught my attention. There were a number of things that stood out for me. Average vehicle is 11.5 years. 12-plus-year-old vehicles will grow by 15 percent. These vehicles are primarily serviced at independent repair facilities. Never in the history of the automotive industry has there been such a high percentage of older vehicles on the road. And that number is climbing. The other good news is: "vehicles in the 'new to 5-year-old' range are expected to grow by 32%." That's a huge number of cars that will be coming off of warranty. Anyway, you look at it... that's a lot of opportunity. What are your thoughts about this report? And how do you see it impacting your business?
    • By lakejoytoy
      My name is John Petree. I began my business in June, 1984. Formally a JRT(Jaguar, Rover, Triumph) journeyman tech, but found I needed to make a living. I owe the last part of the intro to a bike wreck and a very picky dealership. Thats history from 29 years ago and just a memory.
    • By Joe Marconi
      The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts is a clear message that the people are not happy with the current democratic administration. I think the next few months will be very interesting.
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