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Joe Marconi

NY Need Worker's Comp Reform

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I know this will be a battle, but I cannot sit on my hands when I know that shops in New York and probably around the country are paying too much for workers compensation insurance, when it comes to their service staff.


I employ 7 mechanics, 3 service advisors and office personnel. My service advisors are true service advisors. They do not turn wrenches, they do not get their hands dirty and they are not subjected to any of the same hazards as the mechanics. They might get a paper cut once in a while, but that’s it. But, I pay workers comp insurance for my service advisors at the same rate as mechanics. And, I am sure there are a lot of other shop owners in the same boat.


New York state workers compensation board has no classification for service advisors and consequently the rate we pay for workers comp for them is the same as the mechanics. Which means each year thousands of dollars are wasted needlessly? I know that the State needs money, and going down this road may seem futile, but I am going down the road anyway. I am working with the local Trade Organization and trying to get a meeting set up with the compensation board.


I would like to hear from other shops in New York, send me your thoughts on this and opinions. The more information we have the better.


In addition, I would like to hear from shops around the country on their workers compensation laws with respect to mechanics and service advisors.


Any help would be appreciated on this matter.


Thanks in advance!


Joe Marconi

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