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Joe Marconi

Extended Oil Services

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I had another customer the other day call me about her oil service light on her new Honda Accord. She has over 8,000 miles and has not had an oil change yet. She is wondering if she should follow the service light or come in earlier for her first oil change. I explained to her that 8,000 mile is a long time for that particular car, there are other issues to consider too, especially for the fact that she owns the car and wants to keep it long-term.


With extended oil services becoming the norm, how are other shops marketing the oil change service. Some car makers are promoting 10,000 mile intervals and more. Will we see the day when we create a 5K service with NO Oil Change?



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      Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
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      Hello all,
      After two years, Our shop would like to start servicing TPMS services lights preset on most vehicles we encounter at our facility. I can't even imagine how much income we lost from not thinking about this earlier.
      What scanners do you use to scan\flash TPMS sensors and how much do you charge?
      Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.
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