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Hi from Louisiana

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Hello all.


It's nice to find a forum with people in the same business helping each other out. I got started in the automotive business about 12 years ago working as a tech helper in a paint and body shop. I've loved cars since I was little, bought my first truck (1982 Silverado) in 1998 when I was 17. It was full of rust and I wanted to work on it myself, so I got a job at a paint and body shop. Worked there for a while, went to school, co-owned a custom accessory and performance shop for several years. Got out of that, had kids, moved to 20 acres in the middle of the woods with 5 horses and now I focus on copywriting and Internet marketing for automotive businesses. Whew, that was all a mouthful! ;)


I've been a freelance writer and Internet marketer for about 8 years now. I love helping people figure out the best place for them on the Internet and helping them grow their business using their website. Yes, I do this as my job, but I also like just teaching people because I like it. If anyone has any questions, just ask and I'm happy to help or give advice.


Looking forward to being a productive member here.




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