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Veterans Day Remembered

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My wife has something she does for our veterans that needs to be mentioned.

She works with an organization called. Quilts of Valor... or QOV for short.


QOV was started by a house wife from San Diego. She wanted to do something for the injured soldiers coming home to her area of the country. The concept became a national organization. QOV now has chapters all over the country. Here in Oklahoma my wife is in charge of their local branch.


Here's how this works.

You're on duty, in the war zone... you're hit by a road side bomb. You're rushed to a military hospital where your put back together. Before you leave you're given a quilt as a gift from these little old ladies (and men) from somewhere in the United States. It's not important what part of the country the quilt comes from, it's not important who made it. It's yours... it's something from home... it's something that lets you know... WE CARE.


From a lot of the doctors and nurses we get cards and letters from the guys and gals that recieved quilts. They tell us the very first thing that every soldier does when they get their quilt... they smell it... I guess it reminds them of home... or the fact it doesn't smell like a hospital.


It's a great way to show how valuable and how much we care about their efforts. I'm a supporter of QOV. If you want more info... read up on it here at my wifes website. http://www.persimmonquilts.com/QuiltsofValor.html they do except donations... shipping is a big cost. (Check around and see if there is a chapter in your area) We have quilts come to our house from all over the world (Korea, Japan, Australia, and from all over the USA). My wife will quilt them on her machine and then package them. Most of the quilts the ladies put together are sent to a hospital in Germany. Everything from the postage, thread, material, and time is all donated.

On some weekends there are 10/20 ladies at my house sewing, packaging, and quilting. It's something... I think they are all special. Especially my wife.

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