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Want Happy Customers? Create Happy Employees

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Want Happy Customers? Create Happy Employees


This is no secret to any of us. The way to create happy customers is through happy employees. It sounds easy enough, but hard to do on a consistent basis. The emotional roller coaster we are all on day after day can make us forget the real purpose we are in business, and that’s to take care of our customers. We do that by taking care of our employees.


No matter how tough things get, we all need to remember that the customer has no idea what we go through. Be patient with your employees and with your customers. As the shop owner, you set the tone of the shop. If you are in a bad mood, the rest of shop will follow. And that foul mood will be picked up by your customers.


As the boss, your employees need to know that you are behind them all the way. I know it’s tough at times, but it’s something you must do. The better you control your emotions and lift the morale of the shop, the better production you will get. When morale is up, people feel good about themselves and enjoy their work; this will shine through to your customers in a positive way.

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Employees like to feel important. We must be a place of encouragement and team work. No matter which employee has the problem all pitch in . We must see the tasks front of them in order to smooth out thier day. You know that you have reached a good place when you all look at one another say that the day went fast and all the fires got put out. The customers should be showered with "How may i Help you" always thanked for their business and referrals.

Happy Easter and Passover B)

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