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Battery/Charging System Tester

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I have been eying the Midtronics products as Midtronics actually makes the testers for Honda. I have been looking very closely at these two in particular because like you I want a hand held tester with a printer. The 600 series would do everything that I "need" but the 800 series is cooler :)






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Snap-on has a handheld with a printer. One thing that I would like in a tester is to be able to test Euro batteries. I have a DTAC now but if you dont have the CCA reading off the battery you can't do the test properly. How do you guys handle testing batteries without CCA's?



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We have two Snap on DTAC and Midtronics (MDTEXP1000AMPKT) inTELLECT EXP both were very expensive but worth every penny!

My favorite unit is the snap on but you get the same diagnostic technology in the hand held micro-vat from snap on for about $1000.00

The best place ive found to buy midtronics from is http://www.tooltopia.com/search.aspx?find=&category=3729&manufacturer=165

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I have an OTC AccuracyPlus Professional and never felt I could really trust it. If would fail a fully charged battery that my 500 amp carbon pile tester woudl pass and the APP would show 90% or better cca left vs the rated cca. I would not recommend that unit. I was lookign around to replace it and tried a Snap-On MicroVat, I gave it back the very next week. I used it to test a battery that my APP had passed the previous week. The car had come in after a jumpstart. The battery showed fully charged by voltage. But if the lights were turned on for about 2 minutes the battery was below 8 volts. It got replaced because the customer was from out of town and asked for a replacement since his alternator would support all the loads the car could give and still runn 13+ volts. I fully charged the battery and then retested it, the APP passed it the first tiem and failed the battery the second time. I fully charged the battery again and then tested it with the MicroVat (I got it the beginning of the week after replacing the subject battery.) The MicroVat passed the battery three times in a row, even once after the APP failed it. The battery was still floating around when I bought my carbon pile tester so I fully charged it and tested it - FAIL! I have no confidence in the Snap-On MicroVat.


I recently (last 5 months or so) started being visited by a Mighty Autp Parts rep and he talked to me about their battery program and the tester they were marketing with it. He later told me I didn't want to get into the battery program unless I was selling 100+ batteries a year but the tester was still available. I had done some research and had pretty much settled on the Midtronics EXP1000AMPKT with the printer, amp clamp, etc. I wanted it because of all the bells and whistles. But while talkign with the Mighty Rep who could get all of the Mitronics but Mighty was pushing the 650P and the 800P he pointed out that to us, the technical guys the more detailed printouts of the 800/1000 would appeal to us, what would appeal to the customer? So I bought the MDX650P. It is reasonably accurate (I haven't had cause in 3 months to doubt it's results), has a printer with reasonably detailed printout and the complete battery, starter, alternator test is really quick. And the 10 foot cord is so much better than the short 3 footer on the OTC unit. But like all testers, if the battery is not fully charged the tester may have a problem returning accurate results. I had one where the battery was fully discharged, the customer had gottne a jump start and drove it to me about 6 miles. The MDX650P said "Good, Recharge," so I recharged the battery and retested it - "BAD BATTERY." But at least I had the printout to give the customer - It's amazing how they will trust you with a piece of paper in your hand but will question you without the hard results.


I am completely satisfied with the Midtronics MDX650P since I've had it and would recommend it. The price from tooltopia is pretty good. I got mine for $675 from my Mighty rep. His talking me down to this unit instead of selling me what I thought I wanted for 3X the price really set a tone for me with him. And no he was not trying to push this unit, he was just giving me a different perspective,a nd after all, he was the one who told me the battery program wouldn't work for me.

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Guys check this out: http://www.aetool.com/productshow.asp?id=1146&sortsid=0&categoryid=219

Comes with battery test (with ratings CCA, SAE, JIS, EN, CA, DIN, Internal Resistance, Voltage & Life available) with Recommendation after test, plus Starter Test, Alternator and lastly complete with Grounding Test (only one in the world).


The main advantage is its affordable price, however as manufacturer we do not sell individually. So we would appreciate if you can recommend us a potential reseller who could market our products in your area.

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