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  2. DO NOT PAY THEM! it dose not help. The one thing that has helped us, Is to ask all of our great customer to help with Yelp! reviews and any other site that is lacking and just provide a great experience to start with. And YES reply immediately to any negative review and reach out to the customer to try to get the issue resolved and then ask them to revise their review of you shop. IT WORKS!
  3. Great reminder, I used to have a service advisor that did this very regular and with good results and we got very busy and the new guy dose not do it. Need to start up again I'm glad I read this post today! Thanks Joe
  4. Very nice look! clean & sharp, Did you do it yourself? - You can maximize your exposure and gain more customers with MerchantCircle's Local Directory Service. It's easier than you think! http://www.merchantcircle.com/corporate/ You can List your business information on all major online, mobile, and in-car navigation directories for only $99.00 And you need some SEO work, (Badly) When I started a heavy marketing campaign, I used Universal Business Listings to do some of the groundwork for me. UBL is an established service that is well known and respected in the marketing community. The $299 service completes a lot of work. https://www.ubl.org/ If you need help this guy is awesome! http://www.itforhire.com/web-services.html I hope this input is helpful
  5. I enjoyed your post I agree with with a lot of what you've talked about especially talking $ money for diagnostic fee over the phone I actually raised my prices instead lowering them or FREE I used to sell a SES or CEL diagnostic 1 hr labor $101.83 now I sell it for 05 hrs @ $121.83 all of the tech's in shop agreed to it and I never loose a phone shopper to price then once in the shop they are hooked on us:) Thanks again for sharing your insight.
  6. We have two Snap on DTAC and Midtronics (MDTEXP1000AMPKT) inTELLECT EXP both were very expensive but worth every penny! My favorite unit is the snap on but you get the same diagnostic technology in the hand held micro-vat from snap on for about $1000.00 The best place ive found to buy midtronics from is http://www.tooltopia.com/search.aspx?find=&category=3729&manufacturer=165
  7. I use oil change reminder stickers, email reminder, and post card. for some people I even have to call them!
  8. Definitely put put a phone# and or website if you have room without cluttering your advertisement piece. My objective in this case is name recognition in my area a lot of our customers have asked for t-shirts that we wear that have our same shop logo (they all seem to like us and would love to help promote our business) that's why I don't always put all the contact info on every piece. I make sure to put it on all *pens *Refrigerator magnets *Key chains *shop Key tags floor mats Ect...........
  9. Hello there, this is my first post I like the idea of a vinyl decal or bumper sticker as a matter of fact Ive been showing (polling) customers, friends, & family on design and color and Ii finally ordered them this morning after reading your discussion. I will be offering them to everyone and leave a stack on the counter for anyone who wants one for free even parts drivers. My thought is that anywhere someone wants to place your name, it will remind them to call you when they need help or refer you when a car topic comes up. I used Rainbow printing very good prices .24 each why wouldn't I do it! Newmans Auto Proofs.pdf

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