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Rebuild a Jeep in Under Four Minutes

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    • By UsedTireShop
      Code 1391 keeps poping back on after several re-starts. We have replaces the crank shaft sensor, Camshaft sensor unit. Everything is aligned but the damn light comes on. Any help would be appreciated.
    • By alfredauto
      Got a good one on the lift now, jeep liberty with a rusted out oil pan. 4x4. Should have sent him to the dealer. This job sucks. Just ranting. For those unaware the front axle gets removed, then the pan comes out with the pickup tube. Oil dripped on my head for hours. I tried a dozen ways to cheat the book time on this one and failed.
    • By D&SMotors
      I have a 2009 jeep commander with codes p0032 p0038 p0052 p0058. Ground checks good. Missing power from pcm. Could it be a fuse? If so which one.
      Thanks any help would be appreciated.
    • By alfredauto
      Customer brought in his 03 Jeep Liberty 3.7 4x4 with no reverse and slipping in forward gears. Transmission fluid looked like black coffee. 180k, we put a new transmission in. Now it slams into gear has no reverse and grinds going into park. Makes a terrible rattling noise in reverse. Feels good in drive. After checking the linkages and connectors and fluid ATF+4 we pulled the tranny back out and everything looks OK, torque converter was installed properly, nothing looks broken. Called the company, asked for help, and and they are sending another rebuilt unit. I am going to put the new one in but I have a funny feeling it's not going to go as smooth as I'd like, Mitchell says a quick relearn procedure must be done with a DRBIII. Nothing on identifix or on the Jeep forums. I admit I might have fallen off the turnip truck a few times but I never heard of a tranny not working in Park and Reverse due to a computer issue. Shift points I can understand, but Park? Usually limp mode is P/R/N/ and one forward gear. Maybe the rebuilder forgot something when he assembled it, that's all I can hope for. For the record we used this company for years with no problems. Anyone seen this?
    • By 5 Star Auto Spa
      Anyone have any experience diagnosing Honda Civic Hybrid A/C issues? Have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid that blows cold air initially but after driving the vehicle for 30 minutes the air that is being blown out of the vents is extremely warm. All fuses and relays seem to be testing correctly. Did read online that a lot of people have had issues with the Thermal Protector going bad. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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