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Dealer tech with big ideas...

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Hello everyone. I recently found this forum and have been reading alot of posts. I was hoping to find aood forum site for this part of the auto business, and it seems I have.


Im a Master tech at an import luxury car dealer. Ive been turning wrenches since high school, and have been working as a dealer tech for over 10 years now. Ive always had the thought of opening my own shop, but Ive recently decided to seriously consider it and do as much research as I can. I have some ideas of the sort of business model I would like to create, and I know Ill have alot of questions about the process of starting and running a business. Like most techs, I have no formal business training, but Id like to think I have a good head on my shoulders and a decent amount of common sense.


Ill leave this post to just an introduction, and I will be posting other questions on the forum as they come up. I know I have alot to ask, so you will be seeing alot of me on here, im sure!

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