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Shop Insulation

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Our shop is of the basic construction for Texas gulf coast. Metal roof, with some sort of batt insulation and concrete block walls. Needless to say it is very hot in the afternoon. Worse, we are in corner with a wall facing the hot west afternoon sun. The walls/ceiling measure 95+ in the mid-afternoon. Our shop is 4500 sq ft with 1 overhead door and 3 back door facing north in an alley way. We have 2 wall mounted fans and 3 mobile floor fans. Still very hot in the afternoon.


My questions is for owners that have insulated their shops or have insulation. What is most effective method. I would like to drop the temp at least 10 deg F.

I was looking at foam on the west wall and thermal barrier on the ceiling under the bat insulation. Also looking at thermal barrier paint.


Any help is appreciated.



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