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Which Parts House?Help!

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Hey guys I will finally open my shop at the last week in June.I have a Napa store a advanced and a auto Zone and car quest very close to me.Ive been buying some parts from all except carquest.It looks like Napa is much more expensive and the list is almost twice Advance and AZone.Are the parts better is the coverage and service better,is warranty better.Has anybody run into this?Can anyboby recomend a line of parts that they recomend from each of theser stores.Are advanced and AZ have lesser quality parts .I know I just go some trashy tune up parts from AZ the cap archs right through the side and the Dualast wires did the same.I also got Ac plugs from Pep Boys after 1 week 3 plugs out of 8 were miss firing bag.Nothing wrong with the engine it was a maintance tune and changing the plug location changed the miss location putting 3 new ac fix it.Can Ac plug be diff quality ?I noticed I pulled out OE Ac and the ac I put in it had a extra letter A C I think. Please can some one recomend a formula or a rule of thumb so I can advoid trouble and added expense Thanks

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