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Good morning all! I would just like to introduce myself s we have just joined this week as a sponsoring member of AutoShopOwner.


My name is Danny Sanchez and I have been part of the Automotive Industry for over 23 years. My shop in California is still there today, I left 7 years ago to start a new business and life in North Carolina. My brother and father have since sold the business, and have also moved to North Carolina!


I have been using my experience and helping others through sales and management training, the last 7 years I have spoken and trained at some of the largest events in our industry. I really enjoy speaking and training.


Our main business is Internet Marketing for the Automotive Industry. We are the only company to have won multiple times in the AutoInc. Top Ten websites for the last 2 years. (7 out of the last 20 to be exact) We are the only full agency to the auto repair industry, we design and build award winning websites, have a staff dedicated to SEM or paid search, expert SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing... and more. Our goal is to continue to be the leader in electronic media marketing in the Automotive Industry.


I hope our involvement here will be of good use, I beleive in helping others and business will follow. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.




Danny Sanchez

Autoshop Solutions

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