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  1. Blind ads like this are almost always a scam. I apologize if I am wrong in this case... but I just heard of a guy in Africa who has 23 million dollars, he'll split it with me if I just send $ 2,000.00 to help pay for the transfer fee... 😛
  2. Nice update @RobMax and @Alex. You both make excellent points. I hope everyone reading this can conclude every shop is different and every market is too. Just duplicating what another shop owner may be doing might not be enough or could be way too much. A good marketing company can help you navigate your marketing budget.
  3. Update as of March 28th, 2017, please see the screenshot for a graphical view of Eurozone Motors' Google Rankings. The results were climbing very quickly until he lost faith and couldn't understand that a brand new business isn't going to climb the ladder in just a few months, at least not in a major market. I hope that by posting in here I can show that no one should jump to conclusions on the performance of any vendor without first seeing the evidence. At any point, we would gladly welcome back Eurozone Motors and get back to work on making his account perform successfully. If nothing e
  4. Hi Jay, thanks for the compliment. We just try to put our customers first and let everything else fall where it does. On your website: 1. Content is king - you don't have very much written content for Google to help understand where to place you It's not just about ranking #1 for keywords, it's about ranking page #1 (or listing #1 is great!) for the RIGHT keywords. Conversions happen (phone calls and cars in your bay) when the right visitors find your website using the right keywords. You can be number one for lots of keywords and still not have the phone ring with the right custom
  5. We've been watching this thread carefully and now is a good time to respond. Every shop is different, both in a geographic and demographic competition. In competitive markets we have had many shop owners move over to our services, save money and still spend well over $ 1,100.00 a month because our specialization allows us to keep our costs low. We also have many shops that absolutely dominate their marketplace and spend less than $ 500.00 a month. There is no one size fits all solution. Funny enough, the competitor some shop owners claim "fixed" their ranking problems used every word of c
  6. I can understand why anyone might ask the question... Google or Yelp? We are so trained in our marketing decision making that we want to identify what works and stop doing what doesn't. Hopefully this is helpful, but first I have to point out the obvious. Google is a search engine, Yelp is a review site. There could be no greater difference between the two. Let me first address Google. Google is the largest source of traffic for potential new customers. There is no source that comes even close. However, the success of getting traffic from Google is determined by your success in
  7. Your building a team, talk to your team. It doesn't have to be a witch hunt, generally your team is likely to be very aware of the problem. In some cases, it's best to get "buy in" from all or at least your key team members before pulling the trigger on a possible trouble maker. If we fired everyone that made a mistake there would be no one left but ourselves in the shop and we'd eventually have to get rid of ourselves too! Source the intent of the tom foolery, talk to your team, talk to the culprit and then make a decision as to whether it's a real problem, or just a little poor judg
  8. Frank, good for you for giving it a go on your own. It's always great to learn new skills... There a few good pointers here and I could spend a few minutes pointing out improvements on the design but the most important area you need to work on is your content. Well written topical content is what helps user engagement and helps Google place you better in rankings. I did a quick keyword density check and these are the most prominent words on your website: Word Count Density air 3 8.57% repair 2 5.71% killeen 2 5.71%
  9. This article was written by one of our female team members... all the ladies in our office feel the same way. There are some important lessons to learn here, starting with the fact that heralding your shop as "Certified Female Friendly" by our poll, is actually a negative marketing tool. CERTIFIED FEMALE FRIENDLY? JUST BE FRIENDLY by Tonya Briggs, Autoshop Solutions This past year, talk among shop professionals has revolved around women- mainly, how to earn our business, be “female friendly” and retain us as loyal customers. I realize that 52% of the auto repair market is w
  10. From the time the first computer turned on with password protection, there have been people who thrill at the opportunity to try and crack the code. In modern day we call it hacking. There are many forms of hacking from malicious, to opportunistic, and in many cases, just because they can. Your website is a very public profile, running 24/7 and visible to the globe, they are perfect opportunities for hackers to use or abuse. The newest attacks are not intrusive, it's all about links. They will embed hundreds or thousands of links into your website without your noticing. Once Google™ su
  11. When you look at the cost of generating a new lead, "loss leader" advertising can sometimes be a good boost to business. But the big "IF" in the equation is the quality of the lead that gets generated. It is'nt rocket science that low price leaders can bring in volume with right offer, the question is how much can you upsell or retain? Have a great weekend!
  12. Thanks!! We are very happy for all our top ten clients! I had to make a typo edit in the press release... this is our third year in the top ten. We are excited to keep innovating new internet marketing solutions for the automotive industry!
  13. Apex, NC - Jan. 4, 2010 For the third consecutive year, Autoshop Solutions website swept the competition away at AutoIncs annual website competition. This year, Autoshop Solutions took away five of the Top Ten award winning sites a feat on it's own, however this is the third year in row! Autoshop Solutions, the innovative website marketing company run out of Apex, North Carolina is completely revolutionizing the independent automotive presence on the internet. Taking away five of the ten awards available is nothing trite. AutoIncs Top 10 Automotive websites are judged on strict crite
  14. I've known Joe for many years... and we are sponsors of AutoshopOwner.com ! We just haven't been able to engage regularly... Our corporate page for the resources section is ready, I just need to connect with Alex to get it posted.

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