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Anyone use Blue Yonder CC processing- $65 month no other charges

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Just got an email about Blue Yonder CC processing that sounds too good to be true. They say they only charge is $65 a month no start up fees, no transaction fees, no equipment fees, no hidden fees and no cancellation fees. It says it is compliant in all 50 states. Very tempting to try but I have been burned in the past. They are focusing on Auto Shop owners. Wondering what everyone else thinks about this. We would save over 10K a year.


Here is the website from my email: http://autorepairblueyonder.com/


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    • By Tyler Rice
      We currently pay 2.5% in credit processing fees. Is this average rate or does this seem high?
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      Below is a link to a news video. It's about a mechanic that failed to do a proper inspection, and is now faced with manslaughter charges.
      Investigators said Jalbert inspected Donald and Elizabeth Ibey's 1992 Chevrolet Corsica in May 2014, but didn’t inspect the car well enough before passing it. Elizabeth, 83, died in a car crash two months later. Her death could have been prevented, investigators said.
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      I'm in the process of opening my shop, and initially had difficulty finding a company to accept credit cards. I searched online for hours, tediously comparing and contrasting products, services and fees. There are so many expenses that come along with opening a shop (licenses, advertising, equipment, etc). Needed to keep my overhead down and make things as seamless as possible.
      My three criteria for choosing the right company for card processing:
      No binding contract - Verizon suckered me into signing a 2 year contract last year, but try to avoid it all costs.
      iPad POS System - There are tons of different back office software options for inventory control, but wanted something that would be compatible with my card processing to use at the point of sale. Fortunately, there's some good options for the iPad and apparently it will alert me when a part needs to be restocked. Also purchased a stand and cash register for the iPad. I haven't used it yet, but seems great!
      Low credit card fees - The company I went with gave me 2.00% fixed rate for all cards including Amex, which is far lower than any other quote I received. And no contract. Make sure you do your homework before signing on the dotted line.
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      We use our bank for credit card processing and they are not too bad. I tried a couple other places after falling for sales pitches over the years and it was a disaster so I have been reluctant to move away from the bank.
      I know it "should" be less expensive to use a company outside of the bank. Got a flyer from The Automotive Payment Club promising:
      Special APC pricing
      No monthly PCI Fees
      0 annual fee
      No contract term
      0 monthly junk fees
      Free Credit card machine
      Zero upfront/Start up cost
      Anyone use these guys or have a company that they are happy with?
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      These guys seem to all be sleezy salesmen. Who do you guys trust with your processing and do you have any tips when it comes to dealing with these companys?
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