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Anyone use Blue Yonder CC processing- $65 month no other charges

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Just got an email about Blue Yonder CC processing that sounds too good to be true. They say they only charge is $65 a month no start up fees, no transaction fees, no equipment fees, no hidden fees and no cancellation fees. It says it is compliant in all 50 states. Very tempting to try but I have been burned in the past. They are focusing on Auto Shop owners. Wondering what everyone else thinks about this. We would save over 10K a year.


Here is the website from my email: http://autorepairblueyonder.com/

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It's most likely one of these companies that charges the customer the fees instead of the business owner. I have been approached by a couple of salesman that do it this way. Basically each transaction would have a 3% fee added to the customer's charge. Good luck explaining that one.

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How can they offer the impossible? Magic? Someone has to pay the interchange fees. Our processor marks up the interchange a fraction like most. Here's a partial list of what Visa charges, so a way to get around it completely is not real. 

Current Visa USA Interchange Rates
Card-Type Interchange Rate
Visa CPS Retail 1.510 % + 10¢
Visa Rewards Traditional 1.650 % + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature 2.300 % + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature Preferred 2.100 % + 10¢
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The day is coming soon when vendors will be passing on the fees to the consumer, this is one of those processors who is trying to be on the ground floor of that. It's already done in Europe and will be here within a decade. The problem is, who wants to be the first companies to do that? I have a big shop and we pay over $50,000 a year in CC fees. I will be glad when that happens and I no longer pay for my customer's points and airfare!

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1 hour ago, MINI4U said:

Come to think of it more and more gas stations charge an extra free for credit as does the government.



I am looking forward to that day in our business. No matter how successful, we can all use another 1-2% to our bottom line (depending on how many customers pay by card). 

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They responded:

Yes, what is nominal to the customer for the convenience of using their card is huge for you! A $29.00 oil change would be $29.00 if they paid cash, pay with a card, it a $1.00 is added as a price adjustment. The change in the law allows you to avoid the fees. Call me at 470-377-6375 and we can cover it in 2 minutes or less.


If he gave me real life numbers that is .97 to the customer.

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The card reader is a one time $30 fee to purchase. I bought two just to have one as a backup, since they need to be charged about once a week. You use the reader on a tablet or your phone. I purchase a tablet on amazon for $130.00. No supplies needed, no paper-it's all digital.

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14 minutes ago, MINI4U said:

I was reading QB also has a $20 monthly fee?

They told me that as well but I haven't been charged the fee. Also, I'm doing a rate review with them now for a lower fee. After three months you can request a review. We're processing around 40k a month.

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I've been approached by one of the local card processing vendors about a similar program. They had all sorts of misleading calculations, what I called pencil whipping, to show a good benefit to the business owner. In the end, it's a fancy, misleading way to charge more credit card fees and make the customer pay for it. I told them, and friends who were seriously considering it, just raise your prices 1.6-2% and keep paying your current fees and you're better off. They insisted I was wrong and their crazy calculations were right. They claimed they had a CPA look at it and liked the program. I told them tell me which CPA it was so I would never use that guy.

I'm not against gradually moving credit card charges to the customer, but going from 1.6 to 3% to do it is a scam.

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