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  2. This venture would absolutely require a good manager. One you know you can for sure trust. That person is hard to find. Plus that person would need to be very good with people. Real friendliness and real caring is even harder to find. Customer service is always number one and must be top notch. I have learned that the hard way over the 40 plus years I have owned my shop. You would most likely need to have some kind of incentive pay scale in order to motivate the manager and the mechanics to keep in mind the importance of customer service. A graduate pay plan has worked well for me. That way the business will afford to may payroll even through the slow times. There will be slow times. Base your budget on those times rather than on the better times. The key to this being a success if likely based on how well you pay your manager and how you scale his pay based on performance of the shop. I suggest a decent salary with graduated incentive bonuses based on shop gross for the pay period. I am totally convinced that a good honest trustworthy manager who has a desire to please his customers is a must. Also, in a small market you will need incentives to keep your mechanics happy as well. Something similar to the managers pay works well for me. A truly good mechanic is hard to find anywhere now days. Possibly more difficult in a small market. Find one and pay him well and build around him and your manager. Keep those two no matter what it takes and you should be able to make this work. Although I would like to see you checking in at the shop more often than you plan. You can only do so much checking up remotely no matter what kind of cameras or management software you have. Think this venture over well and good luck with what ever you decide.
  3. Welcome!! Always remain stubborn when times are not so good. Find a way to get through the bad times. And always be improving your customer service.
  4. I have it all too. It is good stuff but expensive like all Snap-On products.
  5. My first thought is how long does it take for the batch to enter your bank account.

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