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Jay Huh

Anyone had a bad day?

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I was actually going to post something else but Autoshopowner saved this post that I was going to post a couple weeks ago..... guess I forgot to post it lol.


Has anyone had a bad day? I knocked down 3 beers after work and finally getting to a point where I'm not pissed. I am usually a really positive and upbeat and let things slide.

Had a tech do a oil pan gasket. Car came back, got it on a lift and saw within 3 seconds it was missing an oil pan bolt. Careless error- really out of the way for the customer to have to come back.

Same tech allowed master cylinder to run dry on a Ford. I literally spent the day bleeding that thing- from taking the master cylinder off to bench bleed to removing the lines to the HCU. I went through 2.5 gallons of brake fluid in all. I typically don't work on cars anymore, if I do, then either we are really busy or we have a problem. 


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