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Thanks for sharing that information Elon! Good information. What I really found interesting is that the report states: "While the light vehicle repair outlet population fell nearly 5,000 from 2010 to 2015..." so many shops still struggle with their car count. I guess it's just a problem of doing all the wrong things... and then giving up.


Good information. Thanks for sharing it.


Matthew Lee

"The Car Count Fixer"

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It all makes sense. The average small 1-3 bay shop can't keep up with all the changes without a significant investment in equipment and highly skilled and qualified technicians. Therefore they pack it in.


If you can specialize and keep the bays full and become a guru in a certain area you will be more efficient and do well.


If you have a good marketing plan and offer convenience (open 7 days and late nights), have lower paid technicians, then you can do all the gravy work. (The chains)


If your the dealer your specializing, have marketing power and a good system.


If us small guys that are going to endure just be honest, build lasting relationships with our customers and a combination of things above we'll do alright.


Just my 2 cents

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