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It Finally Happened At My Shop Yesterday.

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I get notification from Tire Rack about a customer that had dropped shipped a set of ires to my shop. I noticed the size and price they paid,I could tell they were inexpensive and closeout tires. Young lady come in , very nice, and says , do I have to pay to have tires mounted. I have been a TR installer since 1992 with very positive outcome and great reviews. This was a first for me!!! I am a Price Pledge installer for TR , the pricing is on the website so I run a ticket for the whole works OTD. She looks astonished, she gets on phone and calls, I guess her dad, she puts this guy on the phone and bam, he starts freaking out about the price, I say sir look at the website it gives you the price, I was calm at first then I tell him sir there are 10 places to go too why did you choose me. Then it got ugly. He really thought there was no charge anyway it ended with me slamming the phone up on this craaaazy guy. I am calling TR today. That may wrap up a good thing and relationship with TR. I really think that this will be what is to come in the mail order business. A lot of people just do not get it. When they have to take their car back to a franchise dealer they will understand what is happening in this quickly changing business. I have been thinking about getting out of TR network. I think this just made my mind up for me. What was good thing 20 years ago is not good today. Times are a changing my friends. I felt a little sorry for the young lady , she was in the military , I was about to give a 20% discount that I do not advertise . She said my dad has a bad temper , and apologized. I am sure I get a review from hell about this. I will be waiting on this one.

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