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Selling More MaintenanceService: Fluid Exchanges?

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Our company is interested in researching the purchase of some new equipment for performing fluid exchanges at our shop. Do any of you have any experience with any particular brands of equipment, or can you give a thumbs up for a particular service program? I know some of the manufacturer's of those machines also sell the chemicals directly to professional servicemen.


The services we're seeking to sell more of:


Cooling System Flush

Air/Induction Decarbonization (Top Engine Cleaning)

Brake Fluid Flush

Power Steering System Flush

Transmission Fluid Drain & Fill / Flush (Advice?)


- also -


We're seeking a line of retail additives worth selling in our lobby, or to be used during any/all of the services above, including:


Engine Oil Stop Leak

Oil Stabilizer (High Mileage Detergent Additive)

Power Steering Pump Conditioner

ATF Fluid / Gasket Conditioner

Cooling System Flush / Chemical Additive

Fuel System Additive


Your thoughts on these matters would be appreciated. Currently, maintenance services only represent about 10% of our sales. With the possible addition of new equipment, we're in need of developing a program to encourage the sales of more manufacturer's maintenance items, and fluid exchange service.


Thanks in advance!

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