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shortage of good techs

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I have been a Tech for a very long time, I have noticed that techs of a good caliber are getting less and less, Who or what do we really have to blame for this? Schooling costs, Laziness, Lack of drive? I think all of this has a part in it, but about a year and a half ago I was looking to buy an new Scanner. I talked with and sampled all the top tool dealers products. What I noticed about most of them especially Snap on is that is seems everything links to a website that will help you with your diagnostics, so what are we really paying for the diagnostic equipment or the "support" that comes with it? I think these things are doing our techs a disservice you can not fix the car over the phone or through a website. You need hands on and to know what you are looking at, if you can do that you can fix cars at a much faster pace.


Needless to say I went with a much cheaper Scanner that does just great, all I need is a Data Stream, some bidirectional communications, and the ability to write some things to the computer . So why pay all the money ??

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