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For all of the shops that do NOT specialize in one make of vehicle, what types of coolant do you carry? There seems to be an over abundance of different types of coolant on the market and it seems kinda crazy to carry all 15 of the different types. Just trying to get an idea of what other shops keep in their inventory......

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    • By don.dd
      what is the best method for evaluating engine coolant condition?
      test strips? voltage? other?
    • By CAautogroup
      Hello all,
      I would like to know what software other shops use to track inventory (ie filters, wiper blades, etc). Any luck with a barcode scanner?
      We are still old fashioned at our shop and looking to make a change to compensate for loss of time and profit.
      Thanks in advance for your thoughts and answers.
      CA Auto Group
    • By xrac
      My coolant exchanger was an old Wynn Machine. Looks like it has bit the dust. Looking for replacement recommendations.
    • By UsedTireShop
      I recenlty purchased test stips se we can start checking the antifreeze.
      1. What PH level is good?
      2. The bottle does not recomending using strips on orange or red coolant. Is there a special test strip I can purchse that can check every type of coolant?
    • By CAautogroup
      How do you guys control your in house inventory? Do you have any programs in particular that may be of any use? We are currently doing are inventory every week by pen and paper, and yes, it does led to mistakes of "not" having a product in stock, when in fact we do.
      Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.
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