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Garage Doors Service Call Fee

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So, I am putting new garage doors in the shop. I called 6 garage door companies to come down and give me options and opinions on quality and to get estimates (estimates on how much I trust the person or company to do the right job and stand behind the workmanship, what their dependability level is, and professionalism). The one company I called apparently is a national company that was recommended to me from a neighboring shop that has used them. He stated they were not cheap but unbelievably dependable. They wanted a service call fee to come down and give me an estimate. I was pleasantly surprised by that request. The reason I was surprised is because it was the first time ever a garage door company asked me for a service call charge to estimate putting in new garage doors. I need 5 new garage doors, I felt that any company would jump to the opportunity to do the job and would just want to show up to have a chance. But what I realized was that this company valued it's time, all its time!

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