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Customer has perception that car repairs shouldn't cost a lot?

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Question for you guys. I've some customers recently with older vehicle (1980's 3 series e30 chassis if you are familiar) and have been a real pain in my ass. The car is old but the market for these cars are still decent. I have a lot of clients that own them and will put a few thousand in repairs without thinking about it. I've had 2 customers recently that have been a real pain in my ass. You present them with a few hundred dollar ticket and they go ballistic. Remember these cars are old and there are tons of problems on older vehicles. Most recent customer is a forum guy and is scrutinizing any estimate for any work he needs. I would love to get rid of him but he had an overheatin issue. We fixed a leaking heater core for him but come to find out his cluster is shorting out his electric fans and his thermostat appears to be stuck closed. What do you guys normally do in these situations, I'd like to just send him down the river.

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