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  1. I am all about you get what you pay for and that is exactly what i am trying to do. You are right Rotary is a US company but from what i have found they are like many companies now days, they are going to china more and more for their parts. US assembled doesn't mean made in the usa.
  2. Thanks for the feed back guys. I have had good luck with my Rotary lifts however i was very disappointed with the install of the last three lifts i bought. I did complain and got no service. The deal was buy Rotary have them install them and get an extended warranty. I haven't had any failures but have issues with the locks on one and the sloppy install was never taken care of. When the rep came by to quote me on the lifts we are now looking into i showed him the issues we had with the old lifts and he said he would get it taken care of that was a few months ago and still have never got any
  3. I don't get on the forums much due to I stay very busy. I did notice this thread and scan through it. I do sympathize with you guys in trying to compete with the internet, its become a tough situation in doing performance upgrades and accessories. You just can't compete with the guy that sitting in his underwear in the basement selling product with no support. I do however think most companies are trying to curb this problem but it still exists. If we can be of assistance to anyone I am always willing to help a fellow brick and mortar shop. Also a note I picked up on as I scanned the thread.
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys I really appreciate it. From my research they seem to be a good lift but the guys using them are the ones who know best.
  5. I am buying lifts for our new shop and have always used Rotary. I am looking at BendPak and of coarse the Rotary salesman has plenty of reasons we shouldn't get them. I would like an nonbias opinion. Trouble Free? Support? Warranty issues? Quality? Thanks for your input.
  6. 2 new users commenting in heavy favor of ATI...... makes me think they have something to gain. I like what I am learning about Elite. Thanks everyone for your input.
  7. Thanks for your input guys, i will look at the Elite training.
  8. I am considering joining ATI Re-Engineering Program, is there any new feedback that can be offered here? I am looking at the program with the goal of better managing my staff, finding more time for myself and being able to take better care of my good customers. Any feedback would be great. If you know anyone in the program that has been there for six months to a year I would love to talk with them.
  9. I have purchased the Verdict and traded the Modis, Never used the Verus but I have liked the Verdict, many nice features but we have had a few issues with the wireless communication and the battery doesn't last as long as i would like.
  10. Sounds like a good idea, but i will tell you in this business you have to find quality people and retain them. This is not a business that you can hire people and expect them to produce quality work without your constant presence and quality control. Of all the guys i have hired over the years i would say it takes a year to turn a tech into someone you know and can trust to produce work at a quality level you would expect and can trust. I am in the diesel business so this may be a bit different we do mainly major repair and diagnosis, while i feel its rewarding you have to watch your guys to m
  11. Been in the business for 15 yrs but before i started my own business i had a cushy management job with the school district handling school buses and did some "Moonlighting" on trucks. Decided to live the dream and run my business full time. You know living the dream run your own business, work sun up to sun down and wonder what you were thinking. haha No, its been good, but its not all easy.
  12. Would be glad to help you out with diesel in your area, I have 8 employees and 90% of what we do is diesel pickups so any parts and support you need i am willing to help. I have looked at Mitchell and maybe that is the way i should have went Alldata is trying to improve but its definitely not what i expected.
  13. Hello all, i am a shop owner and we have switched to Manage 4.9, its been 3 months and i keep telling myself i have done the right thing but today i am thinking about getting out before i get in any deeper. Let me know your thoughts on management programs, what you like and dislike. I need a program that can handle a lot of inventory as well as work smoothly with my shop techs and service writers. Thanks for your input.

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