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  1. ok so i typed a long text about Autel and my browser froze before posting...... i was saying, i used it twice and liked it, owners of DS708 i met really like it for the price, but not loving it : doesn't do eveything. DS708 from US retailer : from $1300 to $1600 with Autel USA support and updates DS708 Asia/China orders : from $980 to $1300 - no support from Autel US, updates from Autel China or something.. BUT, now they have the MaxiSys on the market which is better: - quad-core processor on Android platform, with a solid state drive - built in Li-ion battery - Auto-VIN detection - Bluetooth connectivity with VCI, so you walk around the car with the scanner - no wire from screen to DLC - J-2534 reprogramming comes with Pro model - remote access from Autel tech - and has SCOPE ! prices i've seen lately Mini MS905 : $2200 (only has OBDII 16 pins connector) MS908 : $3000 MS908 Pro : $4000 with today's technologies and low cost productions, i don't know how competitors justify those $8K~$12K scan Tools, and even less prices of Euro packages and updates. i was thinking the release of MaxiSys would make a price drop of MaxiDas....but not yet. so i was aiming at MaxiDas, but getting tempted by MaxiSys..
  2. the 2 places i've seen them recently, Chrysler and Acura dealerships that installed the machine in the drive-through. unless your repair shop have lots of spare area (and also a high volume of cars getting in everyday), i don't think you'll be paying that equipment very soon only price i could find while doing a quick search on Google : Models1-WQ332DU Drive-under System $21,970 1-WQ332DT Drive-Thru System $21,970 1-WQ332FCM3 Mobile System $21,970 so 3 different configurations, but all the same price. Boosting your alignment sales is one thing, but how many do you need to do to clear that cost....and then make some money. just throwing out numbers for fun.... $70/alignment means 314 alignment jobs......$60/alignment means 366 alignment jobs to pay that machine.....not counting actual labor cost and other expenses. maybe i'm seeing it wrong, what's the best way to calculate that ? when i was at Acura, in the "tire seasons" (winter tires oct-nov-dec and summer tires april-may-june), the service dept, offered free alignment readings.....which sold pretty good and almost half the work was done. the alignment machine i want to buy gives the readings in 3 minutes with the new "no rollback feature".
  3. Nice web site guys ! easy to use and read, nice graphics and pictures = modern look !
  4. indeed !! sometimes we think we are so far apart, when we actually are so close !!
  5. Yes ! it's about 45 minutes from my place, i sometimes deliver/pick up cars in Joliette
  6. uh ? i'm in the province of Quebec, right above the state of New York
  7. oups wrong forum, i wanted to put this in Tools and equipment
  8. OK - found additionnal info : while searching the web, i found out that Autel USA wants to protect their local market, thus preventing US users who bought from China to update their unit.... sorry for the "false alarm", guess i was too excited to find such a good deal ! i also had a chance to read reviews from people using it and comparing it with snap-on, otc, etc... they say it's not top of the line, but is pretty decent for the price (that's exactly what i thought it would be, as i'd start my repair shop with it for about 3~4 first years) from a US seller (eautotools.com), it's currently reduced at $1500....the lowest i could find yet. i also tried to find a higher end used scanner, but i'm not convinced it's a good move.
  9. As i'm currently into a lot of shopping and comparing, anyone looked into this scanner/analyzer ? if yes, what were the prices you have found ? do you like using it ? about every online selling price for the DS708 is $1995..... i also found a new one on eBay for $1695. BUT, dinodirect.com Holiday special + coupon code (xmas003) = $1036 there's a possibility that you can have it for $984, but you have to subscribe to a monthly $6.99 crappy-look-a-like membership thing... I'm SERIOUSLY considering it (only thing holding me back is my current very low budget), because i compared, made my choice and was planning about buying it in the $1700~$2000 neighborhood. my ex-co-worker from acura is now a teacher at mechanic school, and told me the Autel ones are best-bang-for-the-buck scanners (they have like 4 different Autel models, the lowest one in multiple copies), going through rough use with teen students who don't care. They also have BlueStreak's, snap-on's and other big brand names acquired over the years to compare with. i also have a friend of a friend (he's been a little over 10 years at the bmw dealership i worked for (so also my ex-co-worker, but in a 55 tech shop, you're not close friend with everyone of them), and does mostly euro cars in a warehouse he rents) that just got his DS708 llately and he is pretty amazed at the ease of use and multiple fonctionalities for the price. what's your thoughts ?
  10. Nice !! Most of the time the process of hiring someone is "time consuming vs results" and frustrating Up here we have a web site called http://www.auto-jobs.ca in which auto shops can post when hiring, and work searchers apply with their résumé online, so you can start filtering quickly from your office. (charging extras, the website company can provide criminal records and driving records of applicants) Good luck with your new people !
  11. Wow !!! touching, motivating, inspiring !! Thanks for the share
  12. if you are looking at buying his equipment only, make a list and see how much it would cost you with new stuff. i'm also an ex dealer tech currently in the process of opening my shop, but of all the complete shop to single used equipment ads i've searched, the owners think about how much they paid 10-20 years ago and ask for ½ of that. that tire machine he paid $5K 10 years ago, you can get a brand new copy for $1K (or a very nice one for $3K) Wheel balancer he paid $8K, you can have similar one below $2K new. on the other side, a shop press is not really something that'll break (except ram replacement maybe), but that too you can get for quite cheap now. the market has changed, china manufacturing has a lot to do with cheap cost, but more accessible r&d + manufacturing technologies (faster, more precise, cheaper processes). Also anything electronic has gone down in price. 20 years ago, shop owners had to rely on their local tool suppliers (autopart shop, Snap-on guy, Mac Tools guy) with very limited choices in brands and models (+ they had very little competition compared to today's accessible wipe open maket). You can easily compare many brands/models/prices from your home/office. I wouldn't like those Snap-on and Mac guys to loose business, but on the other hand, you are paying for his truck, his franchise fees, their marketing, those nice shiny flyers, etc....some of their offerings are really good and usually come with good customer service (usually i'm saying, not always), but some other are not, and at the bottom, we are the ones paying/have the final word where money goes. buying used might look like lowering your investment cost, but when it needs repairs the same year you bought it or the next, you'll regret not buying new. (since there is already some that needs replacement right now, i guess you'll have to fork out a few bucks in the next 5 years for the other ones) I'm not saying buying used shop equipment is a bad idea, what i mean to say is be careful and have a comparison point. you need to find a good deal + how much can downtime can hurt you when it needs repairs. Type that same list in an Excel chart to add up a total for new equipment (build your price list using gregsmithequipement.com - metro-lifts.com , etc) + additionnal amount for install/electrician if required (i'll do the installs myself + part of electricity as i won't be overloaded with clients when opening)
  13. my interpretation of those CPA clips : we developped a connector's design that we know it ain't adequate, so we spent more time and money "engineering" somekind of locking clip and so true about those clips/retainers : even with a plethora of various reatainers, you never ever have the right size needed right now lol
  14. we used to be 10 techs at my local Acura dealership, they are now down to 7, and when i payed them a visit this last June, 3 were home for a few weeks because work was that low !

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