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Joe Marconi

Hunter Alignment Quick Check?

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I remember in the 70s working at a Ford dealership, every car that entered the service drive area had to run over the Bear Alignment check machine. After the car ran over the equipment, a big needle on the machine would let the service advisor and customer know if the wheels were out of alignment. The service advisor would then sell an alignment based on the findings.


Well, times have changed and that old machine may be outdated but not the concept. Hunter has its own version called the Hunter Quick Check, claiming it can check an alignment on a car in 60 seconds. It’s another piece of equipment, not part of your existing alignment machine. I understand the concept, but how can it fit into the average bay designed shop?


Does anyone own this equipment or know of anyone who does? Any feedback would be helpful.

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I am interested in information like this as well. I have an older machine that takes 10 minutes just to set up so quick check isn't an option and since I definately can't afford to replace the machine I won't be offering that anytime soon :(

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the 2 places i've seen them recently, Chrysler and Acura dealerships that installed the machine in the drive-through.


unless your repair shop have lots of spare area (and also a high volume of cars getting in everyday), i don't think you'll be paying that equipment very soon


only price i could find while doing a quick search on Google :



1-WQ332DU Drive-under System $21,970

1-WQ332DT Drive-Thru System $21,970

1-WQ332FCM3 Mobile System $21,970



so 3 different configurations, but all the same price. Boosting your alignment sales is one thing, but how many do you need to do to clear that cost....and then make some money.


just throwing out numbers for fun.... $70/alignment means 314 alignment jobs......$60/alignment means 366 alignment jobs to pay that machine.....not counting actual labor cost and other expenses.


maybe i'm seeing it wrong, what's the best way to calculate that ?


when i was at Acura, in the "tire seasons" (winter tires oct-nov-dec and summer tires april-may-june), the service dept, offered free alignment readings.....which sold pretty good and almost half the work was done.


the alignment machine i want to buy gives the readings in 3 minutes with the new "no rollback feature".

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I bought this machine a couple of months ago. It works as easy as shown in the video. Amazing technology and the color print outs are an excellent sales tool. My intention in purchasing was to offer free alignment checks subsequently finding many out of spec. and selling additional alignments. Hasn't worked out that way quite yet with as busy as we've been but we're working toward that end.

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