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  1. Wow you all are efficient. I have a bookkeeper 20-25 hr a week $15-$17 per hr. I don't know how i would run the business without one. She takes care of tracking insurance, new hires,inputs the totals from each day. Reconciles the merchant account. Checks on the loaner car paperwork to make sure we have all service records in compliance. Pays traffic tickets and chases down the customer who got them . Keeps track of appointments and schedules new ones. Pays all the bills and helps answer the phones when all more than 3 lines are in use. and so much more. If i didn't have a bookkeepe
  2. Your doing great think how much better it could be . long load time ? i would call them they should be able to fix the speed easily. Click on thumbnail to see test or test it yourself. http://www.webpagetest.org Adam uses hubspot it is proven. Give him a call can't hurt.
  3. Everyone should test site speed here it's a comprehensive test of your sites lack of speed. http://www.webpagetest.org/
  4. Hi Handson, It seems like Kukui is for set it and forget it shops.They have lots of great features and reporting . i cant understand why there is no content when you go mobile. I guess it is to make a person take action. It seems when i have tried that in the past it made the bounce rate rocket much higher. Visitors time on site seems like it is connected to getting more leads IE calls, appointments,email and addys from coupons and other call to actions. I like the features of Kukui but the not have my site on my server seems like a deal breaker.The prices will go up and if you leave you
  5. Cool if it works for you.Must be nice not to have to rely on service writers to do the right thing.You sound like you have your labor under control. We are still working on it.
  6. By far the hardest part of owning a shop. I seem to like hire young and train them .So far it has worked .But i do need 1 more superman to do diag. The dinosaurs are extinct so will all the shops not learning the newest tech.
  7. MOM and pop shops might be able to afford to do diag for free. I also see a 10% off coupon on your site and lots of old car in the shop. Lets see you diag a no start on a 2012 BMW or Audi for free. If it works for you thats great but for most shop owners i know .Nothing is free my overhead does not allow it. Light bulbs or tire psi check oil is ok buy eng diag no way.
  8. Wow real warrantee IE: service contracts companies pay us just fine and pay msrp. Learn how to find the customers with real policies. We are located near a few Carmax stores maxcare pays ok .The new car dealers ie VW AUDI BMW MB sell great exclusionary policies. 125 per hr and msrp. whats the problem with that. Please send me all your extended warranty work i will take it. Our customers with stated policies don't have a big problem paying the difference in cost between the crappy payments and the real cost.
  9. Wow this subject has a lot of interesting answers. Be careful of GWC they have a $75 cap per hr and want to send crappy parts. INDS - INTERSTATE used to be good but now they send used parts and want to pay cost on dealer parts or send them. Its ok i will take the labor . I love when the parts fail and they pay us 2-3 times over the course of the policy.
  10. Understanding the warranties is a art that took me 25 years.I am a prefered repair center for 3 companies. We promote warranties that Neal from the American Automobile Association AAA sells. Maxcare, Fidelity, and a few others are policies that are great. Exclusionary policies are the ones we hunt for.
  11. www.bimmershops.com and all of i85media.com/directories seo the unreal the best online money can buy positive ROI.

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