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  1. we tried for a while but found it lacked the ability to truly decipher the mortoris question when very specific - you could set up you price matrix and then a price can be given without ever discussing value - we had many price inquiries and had a hard time converting them if you searched for a specific service, OTIS could not answer correctly (walnut blast for example) - Open bay business model is still price driven, OTIS can give the customer a price on a job and just keep on hopping from site to site until they find the bottom. I found it difficult to manage customer communicati
  2. @Joe Marconi From the state website: : Are there any exemptions to who should wear a face covering? Yes, Exemptions include persons: o Who are 2 years of age and under, to avoid potential risk of suffocation. o Who have a medical condition, whether it be mental health, disability, or other health reason that prevents them from wearing a face covering. This includes people with any medical condition for whom wearing a face covering can obstruct their breathing or who are unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance. o Who
  3. Nevada has a list of exemptions - we posted those on the front door - so we ask you to wear it unless you fall under one of the exemptions- them its end of discussion
  4. benzfxr


  5. that's why I love the digital inspections we use with pictures emailed to the customer (even if they are waiting!)
  6. the burden of proof should fall on the customer - call your insurance company they may (my does) call an outside company to inspect. Hopefully you have pictures of the oil pan before you did a teardown. I'm surprised you are not concerned about the spun bearing.
  7. Don't feel bad if a lower quality customer leaves! Lower car count with higher ARO will reduce the stress of the staff, increase profits and continue to bring in better new customers. We look at our bottom 20% from time to time and decide if they need to be fired. By paying more attention to the top 20% (the quiet ones) you'll have a better run and more profitable shop. 80% of a company's profits come from 20% of its customers (Top 20) 80% of a company's complaints come from 20% of its customers (bottom20) 80% of a company's profits come from 20% of the time its staff spend 80% of a company
  8. One thing about partnerships. It's a ship that's hard to sail. (Or may not sail at all) Read the E-Myth and how to win friends and influence people right away. Have very clear written job descriptions for both of you. if you haven't done so, get buy/sell agreements in order as well Good luck!
  9. NEVER mix your personal assets and liabilities with business - you're wide open for being personally responsible. Here is a list of companies that offer Insurance, consulting, legal and other services related to renting cars (same as a loaner for liability) I got the list from : SHARON FAULKNER <[email protected]> Lancer Insurance Company Sal Scuderi www.lancerinsurance.com 800-782-8902 370 West Park Avenue Andrew Arnold 561-889-9872 Long Beach, NY 11561 Asst. Mrktg. Mngr.
  10. I'm an independent business development coach for Elite Worldwide. What you need is training to understand how to measure what you're doing. Few accountants know how to help! Do you know your gross profit on parts and labor? How do you measure other aspects of your shop? Do you need help on how to effectively run your shop? Elite Worldwide wants to give back to the automotive community and for a limited time we will be providing all shop owners the opportunity of downloading up to $50.00 worth of our products, at absolutely no charge. We would like to give you this opportuni
  11. Read this article I wrote about this topic for Shop Owner Magazine. You can't save enough money on cheap equipment to justify down time for repairs, or worse injury of staff. http://www.shopownermag.com/Item/92737/is_your_used_equipment_safe_does_it_comply_to_sae_ul_ali_standards.aspx
  12. We should look at our customers from time to time and decide who should be released from our service so we can concentrate on the top 80%, they will become better customers. Frank
  13. I had a long time good customer ask for time to pay. I said yes and haven't seen him in 4 years.

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