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  1. that time of year again. seems I just read the story not so long ago!
  2. t's reality all right, when you find out it's not as easy as it looks on tv!, not to mention higher costs and time consuming.
  3. you see a lot because the battery is one of the most replaced components in a vehicle!
  4. It's hard for some individuals to admit to their mistakes, probably embarrassing for them!
  5. You gave them a good deal but they didn't pick up on it! Must be more going on in that family then one cares to mention.
  6. A nice way of looking at what auto repair is like. Similiar to crime? In a way your looking for evidence.
  7. It takes lots of practice, even if it seems so easy to watch a repair! I know I been through it.
  8. You can't turn away jobs or pass them on if you want to make the money. You have to learn and update your skills to really be successful!
  9. What ever happened to just plain old siphoning gasoline out of the gas tank, so you don't have to pay for it? At least no damage is done to the gas tank or vehicle!
  10. Gonzo, another good story. Well, perhaps you raised a good point for having autonomous cars. Let the car do everything for you! No need to know about how it works. Also it still helps to think "outside the box" and solve some of those perplexing problems.
  11. Good analogy, never thought there could be such similarities between baseball and auto repair!
  12. That's why it's called a hood prop! It's not what is supposed to be there. anyway I did not see locking pliers in the description, to keep up the .. hydraulic shock!
  13. Well, if they are the proper weight and certifications the manufacturer wants no foul here. Gonzo you did the right thing! Customers should not be so picky anyway and if so they need to change there own oil!
  14. I found some guy's 14mm open end wrench, on a sharp turn at an intersection I crossed for my daily walk. Turns out it was a Snap-On and I looked up the price as I was curious and it was pretty expensive for one long wrench. $50.00 find! Perhaps the most expensive thing I ever found on the side of the road that was very usable! I guess long wrenches can be evasive too.
  15. maybe not, the next generation of cars will have the autonomous feature of being able to fix itself! It will drive itself to a location and a bunch of automated arms will hover over the engine, make the diagnosis and put in the new already programed parts, and you will be off your way. The only thing that will be the same is the price of repair, still going up!