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  1. That's a result of doctors going to school, they learn everything about being in their profession, and don't know anything else! They have to hire other professionals to do just about everything, even if they have time to do it themselves. Unfortunately, some don't realize this, such as in the case of your dentist story!
  2. Gonzo: In the business they are called "Prima donnas"! I guess you have heard of the term.
  3. good to check simple things first, before digging in deeper.
  4. speaking of points & condenser I think electronic ignition systems is still one of the best reasons to have electronics in cars. After that more electronics just lead to harder diagnosis and more expense.
  5. They almost know everything except how to fix their automobile. That does seem strange!
  6. yea,, hillbilly version of auto repair!
  7. they probably don't know how to explain the problem, so "It's Doing The Same Thing"
  8. kenk

    Article: The Dark Side of Cash

    good story, why you need to conduit business properly
  9. you have to keep an open mind when working on a system your not familiar with. macho is not going to help!
  10. He was so sure about the fuel capacity and yet so wrong. It only happens in auto repair!
  11. Never had to do networking, being an employee for a fairly big company. They pretty much kept me busy for my 40 years of employment.
  12. sometimes you so caught up in teaching you forget to make sure your doing everything right! Probably one of those instances!
  13. that time of year again. seems I just read the story not so long ago!