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  1. Well, might as well make it official.  I'm selling the shop and or parting it out.  Most likely parting it out.  After much thought has been put into it I've decided to go the route of writer/teacher for my next leg of automotive.  After 33 years of running a shop I guess you could say... I've seen it done it and own lots of T shirts. 

    Equipment wise I've got most everything up for sale.  Including a few specialty tools that aren't even around anymore.  Such as a gauge tester for anything from 95 on back... Very handy.  I'll try to put together a list... but if there is something you'd like to know if I have one... send me a message.  I'll get back to you. 

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    2. Gonzo


      Yep, a bit hard to swallow.  Haven't find a buyer, either it's been priced wrong, or there isn't a buyer for this type of shop.  But, I agree, for me... closing the shop is the best action to take.  If I was ten years younger I'd be back at it and under the hood.  But, not now.  Slowing down, is just one part of getting older.  The other is, I really enjoy the teaching as well as the writing.   

    3. skm


      as one door closes another one opens.. I know it must of been a hard decision, well maybe lol.. but looks like you have many more doors opened in front of you. I look forward to reading and hearing your new adventures. Don't worry I am sure you will catch a rant from me every once in awhile keeping you in touch with the craziness you smartly decided to leave behind.

      Good luck bud! 

    4. Jeff


      Good luck Gonzo...maybe ya could team up with Sum Guy and supervise his mobile services! LOL. Be well friend.