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  1. 5 weeks after open heart surgery and I'm doing great, feeling better every day.  Lots of aches and pains, but... it beats the alternative.  Still can't drive, hopefully tomorrows doctor appointment will change that.  Next, is to see if the doc. will let me play golf soon.  Hopefully I can at least get outside, goof around on the putting greens and hang out with my buds.   I'd like to thank all everyone for all the kind words and prayers.  This is a very challenging thing to go through and friendship that you've all showed me makes it a lot easier to get through.     again... thank you.  

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    2. Richard


      Great to hear that you're doing well. Don't over do things and as hard as it maybe, follow your doctor's orders !!!

    3. Gonzo


      Here's the latest;  I've been allowed to drive and I can at least putt and light chips on the golf course.  No shoulder and waist involved twisting.  Which also means no driving stick shifts or even casting a fishing pole.  My full release to play golf is the second week of Sept.  Then, I can take a full swing.  I'll probably swing like a beginner...LOL... so much for my handicap.  At least I can now officially use the geezer T box.  LOL 

      I'm substitute teaching for 2 weeks, teaching A/C to newbees.  Should be fun.  I'm still doing my column and still working with the Haynes corp. writing and editing their latest repair manuals.  Since I've been out of the shop I've already done two manuals for them. They asked if I'd like to do it, I said yes.  It's turning into my major income.  All from the comforts of home too. 

      Working on a new radio show starring yours truly too.  But, it's a slow process and may never get off the ground.  In fact the week I went into the hospital that same Saturday I was supposed to be doing the pilot to the radio show.  Bad timing I guess. However, I'm supposed to be going to Ohio in a month to do some video work for the magazine company I write for.  I'll be doing one minute info spots that will go out on the net.  

      Other than that, I'm super super sore right now.  No surgical pain just the results of the surgery pain.  You name a muscle from your neck down and from the waist up it hurts.  It hurts to bend over, stand up, or reach for something.  Walking and talking... no big deal. Well, still get hoarse if I talk to long.  That crazy sword swallowing trick they do tears your vocal cords up.  LOL.

      Anyway, that's about it.  As you can tell, I haven't exactly been just sitting around waiting to heal.  I've been as busy as I could be to get started on rearranging my life.  Now... just sell the shop.  

    4. Jay Huh

      Jay Huh

      Glad to see you are recovering well. I've been gone from the forums for a while so surprised when I saw this post. This industry is really taxing on health- high stress and my family has a history of heart conditions as well.