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  1. This post is getting us a decent amount of cars. Obviously the price is right, but this has been shared 42 times and over 10k have seen it. We've gotten a lot of five star reviews from it including one from the township fire department. NAPA is providing the oil and filter. I’m providing the labor. We haven’t tried to sell anything else on the customers car, just informed them. About 50% got other work done and the others have said they’ll definitely be back
  2. Well.... I’m actually in the process of creating a mobile division for my shop. I’m only in the planning stages, but I hope to launch a beta project by end of year. I figure one tech, one truck to start. It will complement my bay business. I look at it this way, convenience is becoming the norm for people and working on their car at their location is about as convenient as you can get. I can’t build anymore bays and my location is the best in town so I’m not moving. Bottom line, if I want to keep growing and I can’t bring anymore to me with my bays and lot size then I‘m going to go to them. If anyone else has tried this I’d like to hear from them
  3. That’s the exact formula I’m looking at, but worry about the high labor dollars too. I like to be a disrupter, but I don’t want to disrupt myself out of business. Do we charge $29 for brake pads and $250 to install them? Does the consumer adapt to that and say they have great parts prices but their labor is ridiculous? Has anyone tried this approach?
  4. When I mentioned this exact thing on a Facebook auto shop owners group, I was basically ganged up on by an angry mob fueled by one idiot shop owner who said I was a you tube mechanic newbie idiot. His words, not mine. Actually I’ve had a successful shop for over twenty years, but have always been forward thinking. As long as dinosaurs such as that shop owner exist in this industry we’ll never move forward. Face it, parts margins are shrinking and it’s time to adapt. I’ve been looking at ways now to get more labor out of the job and not worry so much about the parts. Any ideas would be welcome as I’m just starting to experiment with this.
  5. We Uber them to and from. We have one loaner vehicle if necessary but with the high cost of insurance, we let Uber take all the liability. Customers honestly love it
  6. After doing research on the wireless cameras, I had wired cameras installed by a professional security coming inside and out of the building. Best investment I made. It cost about $2300, but worth every penny. It picked up three accidents in my lot after hours. Saved me from responsibility each time. I’m at a major intersection and the police use it for accidents. Protecting my business is my first priority and wired cameras are the best bet. Just my opinion
  7. I would start with a smaller shop possibly in the middle of town. Highway drivers are normally passing through unlike local in town traffic. To get them to come to you would take some serious marketing dollars and your pockets are probably not as deep as the dealers and franchises around you. Also, I’ve never considered another shop competition, there’s enough cars for everyone. My competition is the grocery bill, phone bill, electric bill, etc. People only have so much income to spend. You sound like a smart guy so I don’t doubt your talents. My concern, though, is your lack of shop ownership experience. You need to know about tech productivity and efficiency, parts margin matrix, labor matrix and so on. How to maintain a 50% gross profit in this type of business. How much you pay your techs to maintain at least a 65% labor profit and so on. Without this knowledge, it will be tough to make enough money to stay open. If you already have this knowledge, I would give it a shot but on a smaller scale to start. Again, this is my opinion so take it for what’s it’s worth
  8. Same in Jersey! We are responsible for the part whether we supplied it or the customer. I use the same “insurance liability” statement. Shuts it down right there. Works every time. Never had a customer argue the point after that.
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