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  1. Thanks Frank, I appreciate it! I am working on getting my wholesale dealer license to enhance my business and create an additional income source. I also make it a point to do sales calls to the used car dealers in the area, and am working to gain some of their repair business. It gets a little easier every day just by taking baby steps and being proactive.
  2. MSPEC, Wheeling Auto, and Harry the car geek, are all right on point! I applaud you guys, you have your stuff together. After reviewing my previous post, I think that maybe I didn't paint a very good picture of what our business really looks like. Yes, we are small, but everyone has to start somewhere. I work from home because I bought my home and 3 acres specifically to expand on what was already here, and build my shop on it, which I have done. I searched for 6 months to find a place where zoning requirements would not be an issue. I am outside of city limits, and that benefits me in n
  3. To respond to Handson, as he quoted, "Please tell me you carry liability and workmans comp, nothing pisses me off more then someone undercutting legit shops by not being licensed and insured. I think you should have to submit an EIN and proof of garage keepers insurance to be a member on this site, unless it is becoming how to become an auto shop owner instead of autoshop owner." I am really not concerned with feelings, only taking care of my family and building my brand. I do carry a hefty commercial insurance policy, have registered my Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State
  4. Believe it or not, back in the late 80's I bought a '79 Chevy Luv that had the same set up for the headlights. Crazy!
  5. This has been a good thread, and regardless of what status or income level a person holds (shop owner or not), I feel that you can learn something from just about anyone. I am a one man shop that has been in business for a little over 2 years. I still work from my home and have pretty small expenses. I am working hard to build my brand as an honest and ethical shop owner, putting customers first. I started my business because of a bad experience as a customer at a local shop, and do not regret it a minute. This business is hard as hell, but worth it! I am a college graduate, and spent th
  6. Great post, guys! I am also a struggling one man show. I have Mitchell1, quickbooks online and work from home. There are numerous times when I let the phone go to voicemail, but I cal them back the moment I have the opportunity. I have a small but loyal customer base, and they already know the drill. The new customers I get are quickly educated on being flexible with the time frame to get the car serviced properly. I have found that most people are quick to understand if you don't answer their call on the first ring. They know that quality work takes time, and I will take the same care a
  7. I whole-heartedly agree with Gonzo, Joe, and AlfredAuto! You guys are right. I get people bugging me all the time with questions about how-to's on their BMWs. I don't mind helping out other people, whether they are DIY guys or techs. I even collaborate from time to time with other shop owners on problems we face, and the partnership helps us all win. Sharing information is something that I enjoy doing, because I feel like all of us are an ambassador for the business. But when it comes to people taking advantage or not spending their own money on Alldata or Mitchell 1, I have the same opi
  8. I took the advice, and read the book "Quitter" by Jon Acuff. I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking of starting any kind of business. In addition, I also recommend reading the book "How rich people think" by Steve Seibold. It is also a game changer. Yesterday was my last day with my company. I worked as an Operations Manager for 9 years, and they decided to relocate the Branch to New Orleans. Thank God we were offered a severance package, or we would be screwed. So wish me luck, cause ready or not, here we go!
  9. I agree with AlfredAuto, many of these duties can be streamlined to make the business more efficient. I believe that the owner should do most if not all of it that they are able to do themselves, this keeps their finger on the pulse of the business. I started out doing a monthly P&L using Excel, and submitted all of my info to my accountant, who charges me about $950 yearly to do my personal and business returns (Corp). I have recently started learning Quickbooks, and absolutely LOVE it! And for $13/month, you can't go wrong. As a sidenote, I also have the Mitchell 1 Program, but have
  10. I have also received these sales calls from D&B. I had already signed up and received my free DUNS # and have not spent any money on them. Also, I am surprised to hear that AlfredAuto had to have one to get the UPS account. I got on their website and had one on 5 minutes. It was very easy to get the account set up, and they even give me a volume based discount, since I have an Ebay store and ship with them frequently. I also have a FedEx account as well, but used it mainly to leverage better pricing from UPS. Jamie
  11. Actually, I am in the same position myself, working full time as an operations Manager. My salary is 50K, cost of living fairly low. With that being said, I have contemplated the timing as well. My conclusion is that it is almost impossible to save enough money to support your family for the 1st 3 months or so, and I say this knowing that we all have full intentions of having more work than we can handle. This is a tricky business, full of ups and downs. If you could find a way to squirrel back at least 5k to act as a safety net, then I say quit your job and go ahead. GOOD LUCK!
  12. I am just a one man show, but I saw the benefit of using Mitchell 1 software (Manager SE Version 6.9). I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! I love the fact that it handles the accounting side of managing the shop as well as the service side. I use the repair estimator all the time to figure out how much to quote on the estimate. Also, Like someone said earlier, you can create your own pricing matrix. The manager SE program only cost me $212/month. I also love having the ability to email quotes to people. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mitchell 1.
  13. Thanks for sharing, guys. Currently, I am a one man show, working a full time job, trying to get my repair business off the ground. Business has been pretty slow for me as well the last couple of weeks, even though I have advertising on Google Adwords, Facebook, and local print. I also have a website that I built through GoDaddy. It seems like there are times when you have more work than you can handle one week, then the next week, nothing! It always makes me second guess myself, wondering if I should do more advertising or just ride it out. Reading this thread helps me to just keep doin
  14. I agree with Alfred Auto on this one. I had a local shop owner make me an offer to buy his 10 year+ business for 750K. I'm not gonna go into all the details, but ultimately, I felt that it was a better decision to start from scratch (avoiding the debt) and build my own brand instead. Good luck to you!

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