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  2. I use a Blue Point machine I bought a few years ago. It has worked grate and comes with some dye and a black light to make small leaks a little easer to find. It was around $800 from the Snap-on guy.
  3. I'm guessing it doesn't start again, correct? I would say check the pins on the ICM connector. check for burnt or spread pins. if that checks out voltage drop the power and ground. If that checks out then look at the coil. The white/blk wire is the control (out put from the ICM) check for a switching on/off ground signal. The pink wire at the coil is battery voltage. voltage drop this wire. if this checked out and you have no spark then it's the coil. you should have found your problem by this point. hope It helps As far as the voltage gauge what is the actual battery voltage with
  4. fixed it... chased my tail for awhile over thinking it. ended up being an extremely same leak in one of the evap lines. But I feel it's placement was key, right at the tank pressure sensor. Witch on this car is right over the rear sub-frame and has a small rubber line that goes into the top of the tank. Even once I found It I had to look very closely to see the smoke leaking out. The vehicle has been repaired for awhile now no light returned. Sorry for the slow reply completely forgot to post the out come thanks for the replies
  5. The first check should be delayed a week. Your employees should be getting paid this week for the Hrs they put in last week. So if an employee walks out you are holding a weeks pay and that is where the uniform cost would come from if not returned. This is the same if you chose to use a uniform service or not. Also remember these uniforms need to be maintained if you want the image maintained. I would rethink doing this yourself.
  6. every place I've ever worked withheld the last check
  7. First of all I would like to start by saying hello my name is Liam and I'm new here this being my first post unfortunately. I own a small shop in queens NY with a small but grate customer base. I would like to say this site has been grate on giving me some insight into how other shops run and conduct day to day operations. I would like to say thank you for that and I hope to contribute in the future. now let me tell you about my issue with this car. A good customer of mine has a 2001 Hyundai Electra. The vehicle is in grate condition always takes care of what needs to be done. Over the pas
  8. I worked in a shop that used a daily or weekly board to lay out the work. had the apts for the day and a column for eh tech listing their work with status. helps keep everyone on the same page, especially when it get supper busy. also makes it quick and ez to give customer updates when they call.
  9. lol. so ridicules its insane they spend time on this with everything that's going on
  10. being in NY. I find after market cats manufactures are not offering ny or cali compliant cats for a lot of vehicles so I don't like taking a chances.
  11. sounds like it a grate idea and justifiable if its in the budget. shocking to find out how much they cost what's the size of a $23K sign?

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