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04 nissan sentra no start

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I had a car towed to me from another shop, 04 sentra no start this shop had it for 2 weeks can not figure it out. (the other shop had replaced almost every sensor on the car including cam and crank sensors twice) so I crank the car I have a rpm signal good crank sensor good, manually check the cam sensor good operation. Decide to check no spark or injection pulse, cranked it several times every once in a while at the start of the cranking I would get a quick injection pulse and spark. Unplugged an injector found power on both sides of the injector harness, checked the rest of the injectors same thing. So Bad injector driver in the computer? I do not have the wiring diagram at this time since our internet at work is down (switching to another company) so I can't access shopkey pro. Then I started thinking why is my spark doing the same thing? Security of some sort? The car has a metal key not chipped so I wouldn't think so . I had my scanner scan all systems of the car and it has nats v5 , now I still don't have any internet so I can't find any info on this does anyone have any insight about nats v5 before I condemn this guys computer? or is it just some fluke thing that nats v5 shows up and it really isn't anything at all? I did check codes with the scanner for security it says no codes. so I don't know with out some wiring diagrams and info on the security system. The only other thing I have not checked since on wiring diagrams is grounds for the computer.



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