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My name is Luis and I am on the verge of opening up my first shop in Monticello NY. I am 30 years old with extensive experience in repairs and shop management. I've spent a majority of my career working at big box repair shops. Started off as a service adviser, moved up to a tech and eventually management. 3 years ago I left my job because I was tired of corporate politics, to start my own mobile repair business.


My mobile repair business took off , but, I found myself maxed out half way into my second year. I spent a lot of time driving and not being able to get to my clients fast enough. This resulted in a lot of lost revenue. I even expanded into towing, which I saw a huge increase in revenue. Eventually , I realized I need a brick and mortar shop. I need employees and I am better off managing than trying to do everything myself. Shortly, a shop that I've had my eye on for a number of years went up for rent. It has been my dream shop, for as long as I can remember. It's an 8 bay shop on a busy rd, in a town that is getting a new casino in the next few years. I'm in the process of a trying to negotiate a reduced rent for 6 months, so I can get my feet planted. Things are looking pretty good so far.

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