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Hello! New Shop In NJ

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I decided to find a forum of shop owners to learn and share information with and came across this one. There seems to be a lot of information here along with a friendly atmosphere.


I am opeing up a motorcycle shop in Mahwah, NJ hopefully before spring. I will be doing repairs along with performance upgrades to almost any extent on sportbikes, dirtbike, ATVs, and some other street bikes. Mostly going after the performance and race markets, but doing general repairs to fill in the rest of the time.


I have a few questions. I searched around a bit on this site with not so much luck (though I found and read a lot of other great information) so if any of these topics have already been discussed, please direct me to the right thread.


As of right now I will be the only one working in my shop... officially. I may have a few family members come and give a hand from time to time, but nothing that would be recorded on paper in any way. What sort of insurances should I be considering? General small business inurance, liabilty inurance for my products and services, etc. What do i insure, and what do I roll the dice on or not worry about too much?


Also what kind of disclaimers is everyone using on their invoices? Is the a collectiong of examples with different option in them around somewhere? Also for racing and high performace customers, what liabilities should I be fairly waived of for their work? When I worked in an engine machine shop they had a strict policy of no warranty on anyting race related. But that is pretty much my business so I can't deny it on everything I do.

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