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Do you take a Proactive or Reactive Sales Approach?

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Every time I read one of your articles I get exactly what I've been needing. For the last week we've began to notice the importance of continual training for all of our shop team. The value this adds to your shop and the people on the team is so very important. Do you have any advice on how to get your team motivated to be life-long learners?

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I just returned from the AAPEX/SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and this exact question arose in a group discussion, How do we create a culture of learning with our technicians? One shop owner has a roundtable meeting once a year to find out what type of training his technicians are interested in. This creates "buy in" with the techs because they have a say in planning the training.


Another owner gets with a few local shops and they pool their money to hire a trainer for their techs. He does not like the typical training offered by vendors.


And finally, Joe makes great points, It has to be part of the deal from the beginning. Tie the things the techs want to their responsibilities, like training.

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