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Joe Marconi

Mandatory uniforms?

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We have a strict dress code in my shop with regard to uniforms and grooming. We supplies uniforms that are cleaned by a service, and we also issue T shirts in the summer and sweat shirts in the winter, along with a jacket. The T shirts and sweat shirts are theirs to keep and we give them new ones each year. For years this has worked fine.


Now, it seems that some of the younger techs lose their uniforms. They come in wearing their own shirts and jackets. And it is real annoying. We are now in the process of making everyone change at work and keeping all the uniforms in their lockers. We also issued a memo to all explaining company policy. We give them an inventory count and explain why this is important.


Is this an industry issue? If so, how do you deal with this? I dont know how everyone feels about this, but I think it makes a difference, from the customers perspective, if everyone is in uniform and well-groomed.

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      Hope everyone is having good week with great sales. I am in the process of renegotiating my employee’s uniform contract. It is sorta the same old thing start low then get higher. Could I get some feedback on how you guys are handling this. I have looked at buying uni’s for my guys. In my area it is expensive and they do not want to update my guys. Just lchecking some ideas . Thanks guys. David
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      Hello all,
      We are in the process of obtaining uniforms for the techs and choose to go about purchasing them on our own rather than through a company like Cintas due to excess costs.
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      Just curious if anyone makes their employees pay for their uniforms (pass along the cost of uniforms to your employees). Thought never really occured to me but a customer had mentioned his company makes him pay for his uniforms (works for a sewer plumbing company). $15 a week he pays.
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      What service do you use for employee uniforms?
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      Are there shop owners make it mandatory that their techs attend training each year? if so, what type of training and how much? Also, how many shop owners pay for the training and also how many pay the tech's time if the training is after work hours.
      One more thing, what about other staff member training; Service advisors, etc?
      There appears to be vast differences between shops with regard to training, available training and how much training.
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